Glima is the Martial Art of the Vikings. Viking Training System is qualified as a level 1 coach through The United Kingdom Glima Federation and Master Tyr Neilsen of AVK in Norway.

Glima is a multi faceted martial art based on battlefield principles. It includes Sports Wrestling - the favourite pastime of the Vikings - The basic principle being first standing clear of a downed opponent is winner. A variety of techniques and distractions such as trips, neck throws, slaps and pressure points are allowed to achieve this.

Unarmed Combat Glima is straight forward and utilises open hand techniques and hammer fist strikes. The reasoning behind this being that a closed fist against and mail clad and helmet wearing opponent could result in a broken hand!

 Weapons training is a big part of what we do and includes unarmed knife awareness drills, using and defending against a stick ; as well as training with and full contact sparring with Viking Age weapons such as Spears, Shields and Swords.

A big part of Glima is about developing an indominatable spirit and the famous 'Laughing Shall I Die' philosophy of Ragnar Lothbrok!

Glima also includes the practice of Draga, which is the development of control, breathing and balance. Glima is a complete martial art!