'Even in the sheath the sword must be sharp - so too must be the mind and the spirit be within the body'



I've been a Martial Arts hobbyist for about 30 years! It has always been a secondary hobby behind first Triathlons then Surfing.

In 30 years  I have studied just about everything from Tiger Crane Kung Fu to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A lot of experiences have been marred by sloppy or non existent coaching and leadership.

I was privileged to attend the first UK GLIMA Coaches course at the awesome Total Dojo in Milton Keynes with Master Tyr Neilson from AVK in Norway and a host of fantastic martial artists from across the UK.

GLIMA is a way of life as well as a holistic martial art with Sports Wrestling, Unarmed Combat, Modern Weapon Awareness and Viking Age Weaponry.

The course was superb and intense. I am proud to be part of this brotherhood and represent this ancient art in Edinburgh!



I've had a strong interest in the Vikings since I was a child and with the advent of genetic geneology combined with copious research I have been able to trace my male line ancestry back to a Viking kindred that left the Viken area approx 860AD and ruled over the Western Isles of Scotland for hundreds of years. I am very closely related to the chiefly line of the MacIntyres, Morrison of Lewis and the MacNeills of Argyll. My ancestors moved into Highland Aberdeenshire in the early 1000's to help consolidate Scots power in the Pictish area of Ce. They held onto that power and were influential landowners up till 1868. I feel incredibly proud to have that DNA making me who I am! This is my dedication to them!