Glima - The Viking Martial Art

3 days of intensive training saw the UKs first Glima instructors qualify to spread the martial art of the Vikings. Norwegian Glima consists of Sports Wrestling, seen in the above video, where the first person standing clear of their downed opponent is the winner. The heritage lies in battlefield fighting where being on the ground too long would result in death!

Combat Glima is an empty hand self defence method that is simple and effective. Consisting of open palm strikes, hammer fists and low kicks mainly. The battlefield principles apply here too where these are the safest way to hit a mail and helmet clad opponent without injuring your hand.

Glima also consists of modern and ancient weapons awarerness and training; as well as Draga which is a form of slow and controlled movement and breathing practice akin to Tai Chi or Yoga.

Glima is a complete martial art and also a way of life...The Laughing as I Die philosophy of Ragnar Lothbrok is very much alive in the modern but ancient art of Glima and I am honored to be able to pass this living legacy on to others with the right right beliefs and attitude.

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